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November 3, 2008

The Dish Factory: L.A. restaurant supplies for home cooks

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Swanky wet bar with Dish Factory glassware

Six years ago I lost patience with IKEA glassware (I think the Swedish name was EZ SHATAH or KØNSTNT BRAK). 

Since I’m saddled with butterfingers, as well as many drunk friends, restaurant-quality replacements seemed fitting.  The Dish Factory in downtown Los Angeles promised glassware “made to withstand the grueling day-to-day hustle and bustle of commercial use,” so I bought wine glasses, pint glasses, lowballs and highballs. 

As astonishing as it may be, I’ve had only one casualty since 2002. 

The experience of shopping the dusty warehouse is not without its irony.  The greatest incentive to buy there (supplies for restaurateurs) is also the biggest drawback.  Restaurants buy in bulk (a dozen cheese shakers, anyone?), so the more you slice and dice the standard cartons, the steeper the premium.  We ended up ordering twice the glasses we planned, but we made it work — extras stocked our swanky new wet bar.

The Dish Factory, in the same location and with the same owner for 30 years, carries regular household supplies like china, pizza pans and ice cream scoops.  Still, my favorite thing to do is map out my dream kitchen with their commercial equipment like 50-pound deep fryers ($599.99) and three-tier pastry cases ($124.99).

Now that’s a step above IKEA JÜNK.

Where:  310 South Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (a second location opened in the Inland Empire)

Call: 213.687.9500


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